Upcoming Events

Vaccine Innovation Forum 2021 (VIF2021) is designed as a leading industry‍ gathering for vaccine players including manufacturers, academia,

government,technology providers and NGOs in global vaccine industry.

Here, two parallelforums on both human and animal vaccine industry will be

arranged. International recognized speakers will be invited to share and

discuss keytopics from global industry trends, business strategies to latest

vaccine R&D progresses, technology and solution innovations during the

past year.Morethan 300 senior delegates from local and international

vaccine industry.


Drug Developers Partnering Forum (DDPF) 2021is designed as a leading industry gathering for Drug developers from pharmas, biotechs, academia,

CRO, CDMO and technology providers to discuss key topics for drug development, commercilizationand partnering.   

Pharma Digital Transformation Forum (PDTF) 2021 is aleading platform of business communication and partnering, focused on digital transformation in China pharma industry. During the two-day event, more than 250 digital leaders from senior management and key operation department of pharmas and biotechs, and digital solution providers will be invited to discuss how to leverage digital technology and solutions to empower business operation, promote business innovation, and accelerate company development in line with corporate strategy.